Beginning of a Journey

When my husband started the Marine Corps, we were pretty young kids; he was 19, and I was 23. We knew each other prior to him being in the military, but none the less, it was still extremely difficult. As his friend, I knew this was his dream and that if I wanted anything romantically with him, I had to truly understand what I signed up for. Today, he has been in the military for about 3 years. We have been together for about 5 years strong and married for 1 year. He is currently stationed in another country as I am here in the States. We are battling long distance since he is on his 2nd year of his mission and will hopefully return home in September for his next one. Through it all, he has always been worth it for me and I am proud to say that I am happily married to him. Like any other couple, we had our ups and downs but in my experience so far, the good has always outweighed the bad. He is my soulmate and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

To anyone out there that is starting the journey of being a military significant other (milso), please know that this is a huge step and requires a full time commitment. It isn’t something where you can enjoy a fling and end up leaving because you realized this isn’t it for you. It is hard, challenging and most of all requires you to be fully independent in times where you are alone. It is not easy, as most relationships face many challenges. As hard as it is, I still continue to fight through because he is worth fighting for.

I wanted to start this blog in hopes of sharing my personal experiences of being a military spouse. I want to give you insights on topics like married life, the military community, relationships, and finally, show you guys the fun side of myself like cooking and watching rom coms. When I was going through the journey of being a military girlfriend, I did not have enough resources to run towards. Many of my insights came from other spouses or little youtube channels because I felt that the support groups I joined were often toxic and not as supportive as I would like it to be. I am sure now there are good support groups out there, but I felt personal experience helped me.

As the years went by, I have learned more about not only my Marine, but also a lot about myself. I want people to read my blog, feel inspired and also gain a sense of comfort that they’re not alone. Any journey is hard, but I hope that this will help you and inspire you to be the person you are meant to be. I hope that in the future, this blog can turn into opportunities where I can do podcasts or maybe even a Youtube channel. So I hope you guys stick around for it, because this is only the beginning.


7 thoughts on “Beginning of a Journey

  1. Yasssss girl! Now the whole in in quarantine. They will have a tiny sense of military life; always being in limbo or being separated and not knowing when they’re lives will go back to normal. Thank you for sharing your story with the world! Can’t wait to read more!

  2. I enjoyed reading this. My boyfriend is in the military as well but I found out he was trying out two days after we got together. Needless to say, I stuck it out and it has been challenging but rewarding. Can’t wait to see your future blog posts and all the best to you and your husband.

    Sending lots of love your way!

    1. Thank you so much for the love! I wish you and your boyfriend all the love in the world, hang in there! I am here if you ever need anything 🙂

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