Father and Son

“A dad can raise a son, but it takes a true father to make his son into a good man.” My father in law is a true father indeed, his unconditional love and continued support is what makes my husband strong just like him. As I interviewed my father in law, I can already hear the love in his words and the sense of pride only a father could feel when it comes to his children.

When his son first left for the military, it didn’t feel real to him till that very morning when we dropped him off. He was scared and he knew how his son was feeling especially when he was in the car. He could tell that his son was nervous and anxious, it was almost unsettling. He sense that it seemed too calm, but none the less, he put his brave face on for his son, even though inside he was missing him so much already. As the days went by, he prayed every morning to his own parents that they would watch over his son. Prayed for the days to make sure he was safe and in good hands. He had felt this hollow feeling, but he knew that he had to get through each day for his son.

What helped him most during bootcamp was the calendar that was given by military parents from the recruit parents website. On this calendar, it marked exactly what each day the recruits were doing and it gave him a sense of going along the ride with him. The one thing he looked forward to most was receiving his son’s letters. The first one was a real treat and being able to write back and forth meant the world to him. It made him appreciate it more because the letters allowed him to read his son’s thoughts and experiences, it was gold.

Now that he’s adapting to this new lifestyle with his son being away, he is still proud of him. Nothing in the world makes him happier than seeing his son transform into an amazing person. Seeing the leadership skills and responsibility given to him truly showed how great of a Marine he is. He saw a great future for his son and how day by day the world was opening up opportunities for him to be greater. He felt better understanding of the challenges he’s faced and has grown a greater respect for the military life and what all Marines go through.

His advice to all fathers out there are to believe and trust that your child is doing something greater than themselves. As parents, we are trying to always protect our children, but in this world we have to trust in our children that they are making the best decisions for themselves every day. They are doing the best they can to be safe, and that your child is growing to be the person they dreamt of becoming.

He believes that his son will always be in good hands and that he will be destined to excel in whatever he puts his mind into. From day one of being his little boy, he is watching right before his eyes how much his son has become a man. That for him, was enough in this world.

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