Eyes of a Marine

“Pain is weakness leaving the body.” I see this phrase often, especially when it comes to the Marine Corps. My husband is an epitome of this as he always puts on the toughest emotions. As his wife, sometimes he can be very hard to read as he is very reserved, but when he is home, he has the most honest heart I know. I wanted to interview him because often we think about our own feelings but not the person actually going through it.

For my husband, he had feelings of doubt when he got off the bus for bootcamp. He thought, What am I doing?, Why did I sign up? and What did I get myself into? He was nervous and scared because this was his first time away from home. Still, he pushed through because once you get off that bus, there’s no turning back. He felt he had to suck it up because there were 90+ others that are going through the same thing with him. You just had to get through it and there was no time to think about how much he missed everyone at home. He had a goal to achieve and so he focused his energy on that till he succeeded.

When asked about how he coped with being in bootcamp, he can only say that he was so busy that he didn’t have much time to think about anything. As hard as it was for him, the challenges were fun. It really tested his ability as a recruit, but also helped pushed boundaries he’s never been in before. He was out there alone, with no one from home to be by his side. He could only lean on himself and others that were going through it with him. He did enjoy receiving letters from us, it always motivated him that he was closer to graduating and seeing us again.

Now being in the military and overseas, he feels that the military has lost its glamour. Prior to joining, he often romanticized the idea of being a Marine because of the way it was glamorized in movies and books. Being in it now, he’s seen the realistic side of it and how there are a lot of different rules and things you have to endure during your career. In a way, it’s made him grow up more and that nothing you want is handed to you. If you want to go out there and earn something, you have to do it yourself.

His advice to other future Marines out there is that if you want to join, make sure you are prepared to do it and that your commitment was really important. It’s not all it’s cracked up to be, so you have to go in with a strong mentality that it’s gonna suck sometimes. If you don’t, you’ll be very disappointed and shocked because it’s different than what you imagine. When in bootcamp, have fun with it because some days are gonna be bad and other days are good. When you do graduate, you will look back and think it was fun. So make the best of it! Lastly, keep in touch with your family no matter where you are going. Don’t just rely on only your significant other, reach out to your family and remind them how important they are.

For my husband, he had to see a future and run with it. What got him through every day was imagining the things he wanted to achieve and accomplish by the time his contract was up. When it came to our relationship, he envisioned a better world for us and constantly remind himself why we are here in the first place. With relationships, sometimes these things can be forgotten and so it’s important you balance your priorities and have goals. I love the things that my husband does for us to give us the better future, he has always been selfless and for that I am incredibly lucky to be his wife.

I hope you guys enjoyed my series about family and the eyes of a Marine. I had set out for this blog to be more about my life so there are some topics I would love to share that you will all enjoy and relate to. I will be transitioning to more about relationships, activities and travel. I promise for my military readers out there I will always connect my military experience back with my new posts! Stay tuned and I’ll see you soon!

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