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Hello everyone! Hope everyone is having an amazing day. I’d like to start my next series on relationships. From dating, long distance, trust, communication, marriage, and more. I was fortunate enough to date my husband prior to the military, so we had the pleasure of really getting to know each other for almost 2 years before he joined.

Dating was very easy for us because we were young. We got to be reckless, make lots of mistakes and had plenty of time to get to know each other. It was great because we were friends first and so we got to share pretty much everything. My husband was incredibly shy and super reserved at first, but slowly after a lot of fun dates, he started to open up more. I think a beautiful thing about dating is that you learn to love everything for who they are. You see the imperfections and vulnerability when they peel each layer from within. I spent a lot of time with him because I knew he was leaving, so I appreciate that life gave me this wonderful time to be with him.

I think when going into a committed relationship, know that the intent to date is to marry or to be in the long run. I often feel people forget that and I am all for those that want to date to see what they like and don’t like, but often some people are in it for the wrong reasons. I don’t believe that you should be with someone for comfortability. You should feel scared to be with that person. What I mean by that is, you should always keep yourself on your toes for them. The thing about when you first date someone, is that you go through all these loops and obstacles to get to them. You are constantly wooing them, trying to win their love and affection. I feel like it should always be like that, whether in dating or marriage. My husband keeps me at my toes, I’m always constantly wanting to invent something new to make him smile and feel more loved. I don’t believe in settling and then not trying hard after you get married, you should always reach to be a better partner always.

I never take my husband for granted; I know that there’s always a possibility that he could walk out at any time or that maybe he might find comfort in someone else, but that is a motivation for me to always work harder as a wife. Trust is incredibly important because relationships are never easy and life will throw challenges at you. It tests you at your lowest points, but it is what you both do together to come out stronger that counts. Honesty, communication, and willingness to love are some of the best things you can have in your relationship.

We are constantly working for it every day, but just like my vows, there’s no one else I’d choose to fight for our marriage with. He’s grown to be my best friend, but also someone who is not afraid to hold me accountable. We challenge each other, but it makes our marriage all the more worth it. He’s the person that I needed when I was lost. Always appreciate your partner and the moments you get with them, because you never know when that can be taken away from you.

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