No Trust, No Us

“Loyalty is hard to find, trust is easy to lose and actions speak louder than words.” Trust is a privilege that we have in our relationships. It is always taken for granted and it’s the hardest to gain back once it’s gone. Life will always try to find ways for temptation and obstacles to ruin this special privilege and it’s a big test that often is the failure of relationships. Life will always test you on this very subject and so you must guard it with your life.

Trust and honesty go hand in hand when it comes to communicating with you partner. I always felt it was better to be honest, even if the truth hurts than to hide because you are afraid of how they are going to react. The thing is, you won’t know until you tell them the truth; you can only hope that intention is for them to work through the problems with you whatever it may be. You have to believe that the choices they make include you and that your opinion is always valued or considered.

I trust my husband that when it comes to our long distance his love will always be loyal and that he will never be afraid to tell me how he feels. Sometimes the hardest things we have to hear is something we need to hear. I call it tough love, but I always believed that the strongest couple come out of it during these times. Whenever I self pitied, he was always there to give me the tough love I needed. It didn’t mean necessarily he was trying to hurt my feelings, he just knew that I am so much more than that. His love was the kind that hurt in the right way and that his love was far greater when it came to all my negative thoughts about myself. He loves me at my worst and continues to love me at my best.

As much as I was afraid of the fears of a relationship, it never grew more than the love we have for each other. We put a lot of faith and trust that our love can overcome all obstacles. Life is already hard enough when it feels like the world is against us; we might as well stand together side by side. As scary as it can be to put trust in the other person, you have to believe in them. Even if you’ve been scarred or jaded before, there’s always one person out there worthy of you that will prove you otherwise.

P.S. Thank you to my husband, you’ve never let me waiver when it comes to our love. No one in the world could ever change that and I have never felt so sure of something ever in my life. I will carry it with us forever. No mountains can move us and I will forever be yours. Even if the tide tried to push us further away, I trust we will always find our way back to each other. I love you.

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