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“If you want to be strong learn to enjoy being alone”. When my husband started the military, I had to spend a lot of time being on my own. That’s the thing about military life, as the significant other you spend a lot of time being on your own because your partner is out there serving their country. For those of you that get to go along with your military member, you are incredibly lucky! I’d do anything to spend every single day with him and live under the same roof. I spent a lot of my years so far going in between jobs, trying to find the right passion for myself. It wasn’t until the coronavirus that happened that I realized what I wanted to do.

Before my husband left for bootcamp, he initially had his bootcamp date before my college graduation. He decided to ask them if he could change the date till a couple weeks after because he wanted to be there to support me during one of my biggest accomplishments. That’s the thing about the military, sometimes they miss the biggest moments, thankfully he has always been there for mine. In return however, we missed out on our birthdays and anniversaries, but we knew that this was only going to be temporary. We always had to remind ourselves that we will have more memories to come when he comes back.

I was stuck in between jobs from working at Disneyland, being a front desk agent at a hotel, to being a valet manager. I knew deep down I was meant to do more, but all these things had one thing in common; I wanted to help people. Thanks to this halt in life, I really had to lean on myself to figure out what I wanted to do. I am also thankful I got to lean on my best friends to always be there for me during my hardest times. So thank you to Karla, Nicole & Ryan for encouraging me to start a blog, it was your encouragement that gave the push I needed. Although this is a hobby for now, I hope I can find the dream job out there that continues to help people. My husband always encouraged me to take risks and that it’s important to grow as a person yourself even if it means he can’t always be there to hold my hand. He is always in my heart so I have to remind myself how important it is to do it for me.

Know that there are times where you have to know when to be independent and dependent. Be dependent on big picture things in your life with your significant other because success and failures should be talked about. Things like career related, financial and mental health are important to talk with your significant other. There are also times where you need to be independent like smaller situations like picking battles in small arguments, things you can talk about with your friends, and things that you don’t need to add stress onto your military member. I had to focus on myself and figure out what was best for me when it came to struggling between the two.

I am super thankful to all my readers out there who always come back to read more. I would not be here without you and I will never forget that. So I leave you all with this piece of advice; your dreams are always out there, don’t be afraid to take a risk and leap. Reaching for your dreams should scare you and you should always be open to failure. It is when you rise up from those failures that make you successful. You gotta nourish to flourish so always continue to be greater than the day before. With that being said dream big, I’ll be back tomorrow with one final post to end my relationship series!

P.S. If there are any questions out there at all, please feel free to leave it in the comments! You can also reach out to me by clicking the “contact” link as well! I look forward to hearing from you guys! Also, anybody liking the revamp of the blog? I hope it’s easier to navigate around, would love some feedback.

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