The Balance of Life and Love

If you can balance life, love, friendship and everything in between, you’re golden. Balancing everything in your life is very important in a relationship. For me I had to balance my family, friends, work, and school when I first started dating. Being the person that always wanted to be there for everyone, I would at times spread myself incredibly thin trying to please others. I would consume myself in my relationship and zone out the rest of the world. It wasn’t until my husband left I had to take a step back and see that I wasn’t being fair with balancing everything else in my life. I was too busy being in the honeymoon phase that I neglected everyone else important.

When it comes to balancing love and friendship you have to make time for both. Tell yourself it’s okay to spend a day or weekend with your best friends because life gets tough and your friends need you! We always need to give space to our significant other and go interact with our friends. Your friends are the people you can lean on about pretty much anything else besides love and sometimes their encouragement is the best kind! When a lot of people get into their first relationship, they’re so focused on being with their boyfriend/girlfriend that they ignore everyone else. The friends who you use to spend all your days with and your family who is use to seeing you all the time start to miss you. It’s important that you balance it because these people have been with you since day one. They will understand that some days you will prioritize your significant other, but always remind them how much you appreciate them and make time with them!

Know that sometimes your career is important too; You’re putting all your time into education and it doesn’t mean you have to throw that all away for your significant other. At the end of the day, you have your dreams to fulfill and they are just an addition to that. The right person will understand what your priorities are and never make you choose. If anything ,they will always be supportive of anything that you do. Another important thing is always allow some time for yourself. You have to spend days on your own and relax from all the chaos. Know that you’re human and as much as we try to balance everything perfectly, we need a break too.

Eventually as you get older, things will change. The time you use to have with your friends when you were young start to become harder to schedule because everyone is on their path doing something. It’s important that you are there when they need you most and when the moment counts. Always make time for your friends and family, because if you truly care about them you will make the time no matter what. Cherish the younger years because that’s the perfect time to do as much as you want without all the adulting responsibilities. Just know that real friendships require good effort and that good family relationships require quality time. “The best things in life are the people you love, the places you’ve seen and the memories you’ve made along the way.”

That’s all for my relationship series, if I ever think of more topics, I’ll definitely make sure they’re added into this series. I’m going to switch things up and show you a different part of myself. I’m gonna start my film chats for my next series!

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