She’s the Man

Hi guys, welcome to my film chat series! I wanted to take a break from all the seriousness in my writing and talk about something I enjoy. I absolutely love romantic movies. If you haven’t figured it out about now, I am a hopeless romantic. I’ve always been a big fan of love so when it comes to film, I can’t help but be one of those girls that fall hard for it as well. I know most of the time it’s not realistic, but it is something I can always escape from reality or when I am stuck in my thoughts and need a cheer up. I’d love to start this with my favorite movie of all time, She’s the Man.

If you haven’t seen this movie yet, I recommend watching it first then coming back to this post! It will contain spoilers, but if you don’t plan on seeing it and just care to read the post, then keep on reading! This movie is about a girl name Viola whose soccer team was unfortunately cut because the school could not fund women soccer teams. She tries to join the men’s team, but unfortunately gets ridiculed because the coach simply says that girls can’t play on the boys team. Upset by this, she disguises herself as her brother to join his school and try out for the men’s soccer team since her school didn’t allow her to. She eventually meets a guy name Duke from the new school and ends up falling for him even though he has no idea that she has disguise herself as a man.

She pretends to be her brother,Sebastian, who supposably is compared to her as her twin. So she gets the help from her friends to dress up like a man and enters a different school learning the mannerisms of being a male. She eventually earns her reputation as a male and gets the help from Duke Orsino, her roommate to make it to the men’s soccer team. Little did she know the truth will catch up to her as she tries to balance her real life and with this male persona that she has to uphold. She also tries to help Duke when it comes to romance problems only to eventually fall for him. The truth comes out and she can only hope that everyone will accept her and respect her enough to play on the men’s team. So I guess this movie has a bit of female empowerment and really shows that like if you can’t beat them, join them! The film has a lot of comedic moments which makes it so enjoyable to watch. There’s a lot of Shakespeare references in the movie because it uses many characters from Twelfth Night and so if you love Shakespeare, I think you will enjoy this film as well.

It really goes beyond gender roles and shows that both men and women can have a sensitive and strong side within themselves. That you don’t have to be a specific gender to play sports and do something you love. It’s just balancing yourself that helps you achieve greatness. She just had to quietly break the rules and be a boy just to get her foot in the door so she could prove her point. She does have consequences and ends up lying to the people around her. In the end, Viola didn’t need to pretend to be a male to prove that she can play soccer, she just needed the right support and be confident in herself to play the game. She ends up asking for a chance and with the right team, they supported her for who she was. So I leave you with my favorite quote from the movie; Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them.

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