Crazy Rich Asians

I’m not leaving because I’m scared, or because I think I’m not enough. Because maybe for the first time in my life, I know I am. I just love Nick so much. I don’t want him to lose his mom again. So I just wanted you to know that one day, when he marries another lucky girl, who is enough for you, and you’re playing with your grandkids while the tan huas are blooming, or the birds are chirping, that it was because of me. A poor, raised by a single mother, low class, immigrant nobody.

Crazy Rich Asians is about the different classes between the rich and poor society along with the clash between Asians and Asian Americans. There’s a powerful movement of women from being a mother to being a successful woman. It’s also a romantic comedy, which makes the whole film entertaining to watch. There’s a lot of references of the culture that Asians can relate to and how there’s this incredibly wealthy society that takes it to the next level. There’s always going to be someone you can relate to in this film and the beauty of this film is simply letting go in hopes your children will always make the right decision for themselves. I chose to talk about this movie since it is Mother’s Day and mothers are talked about in this movie.

It starts off with Nick Young’s family who goes to a London hotel and is discriminated by the staff because of their race and what they look like. Little did the staff know, they were the family that was going to acquire the hotel and eventually become one of the wealthiest families to take over the world and mainly Singapore. We also meet a girl name Rachel Chu, who falls in love with Nick Young. They go on a trip to Singapore for a wedding only to learn that Nick is apart of a much bigger world than he had lead her on to think. He is rich boy who has a huge family and she’s a NYU professor who makes decent amount of money and only has her mother.

We meet Nick’s mom, who is very old school traditional and immediately shows dislike for Rachel. She constantly brings up the difference between Asians and Asian Americans; how their views are very different. She says Asian Americans have this luxury of chasing one’s passion whereas Asians have this privilege of being traditional and have filial piety to our family. Filial piety is a virtue respect for one’s parents, elders and ancestors. She ridicules Rachel because she brings up that Rachel will never understand the Chinese upbringings and that she will never live up to their expectations. That they are simply from two different worlds who will ever understand what it is like to give up ones passions and put their family’s first. Thankfully Rachel has a few loyal people who help her battle the clash between the cultures, and she eventually goes up against Nick’s mom, only to know when to back away.

Nick, who has always fought against his family fortune enjoyed his normal life where nobody knew him. Rachel got to live in a world where she got to be who she wanted to be and never had to pretend. He asks her to marry him, but doesn’t realize the role his family plays in making it hard for her to be accepted. Eventually Rachel meets his mother and tells her she surrenders, but beats her at a game of Mahjong. It’s a game of strategy that makes you decide what is necessary and what is up to chance. She tells Nick’s mom that Nick has proposed to her and that he has stated he would be willing to walk from all the fame and fortune. She says that she has declined Nick’s proposal because his mom has made sure all the outcomes would not allow them to be together. Rachel receives a winning tile that could end the game, but she throws the piece back into the pile leaving Nick’s mom to pick it up thinking she’ll win. She tells his mom that she knew her worth and that she knew the importance of family, something that his mom has underestimated her about and that when Nick finds the woman that fits her liking, it will be all because of Rachel. She plays her winning set, a set that Nick’s mom was not expecting. Rachel leaves the game with her mom who is sitting at another table, showing that even an immigrant that’s lower class can still win the classic Chinese game of Mahjong.

The most I can take away from this movie is simply that, it doesn’t matter where you come from and that you too can share the same values. Just because one gets to pursue their own passion, does not mean they have to abandon their family values. It is the importance of balance and that culture values will never be forgotten. Nick’s mom tells him that she approves of Rachel and tells him to go after her. He proposes to her on the plane and gives her his mother’s ring. The importance of the emerald ring is that when she first got married, her husbands family did not approve of her either and would not give her the family ring. So he proposed to her with an emerald ring; By Nick’s mom giving her ring to give to Rachel, it shows that Rachel has earned his mother’s respect and that she is deserving of the love. Love is powerful and we know Nick’s mom isn’t really a bad person; She just always wanted to do what’s best for her son, little did she know that the person he chose wasn’t exactly someone she wanted, but realized Rachel was absolutely someone he needed.

Happy Mother’s Day to the amazing mothers out there that do their best in the world for their children. Your love is unconditional and there’s nothing you wouldn’t do for them and do know that’s appreciated greatly! May you enjoy your day of peace with the ones you love and celebrate you!

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