Boon to be a Bride

Hi guys! I wanted to stop my film series cause I felt I wasn’t able to write creatively as I do with my other series. I’ll probably do film chats once a month but I want to talk about this next one that I am incredibly excited about; It’s about weddings! From wedding planning to bridal showers, bachelorette, legal paperwork and the big day itself! There’s a lot to do when it comes to weddings and as much as we try to prepare every single thing, the best we can do is enjoy the ride and try to gain as much resources as we can. Remember that all weddings come in different shapes and sizes so some people might want a big wedding while others may want a small intimate one. Plus, there’s always the option to just elope too!

Once in awhile, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale. Weddings are hard work, it requires a lot of time and making sure that you are constantly knowing what you want. For the brides that are indecisive, this may not be an easy path for you, but know that with the right people to help you it is possible to have the wedding of your dreams. For the brides that have known everything they’ve wanted since they were 2, you’ll have an easier time with this because your ideas tend to execute a lot better. I recommend for all brides to start a Pinterest. It’s an app where millions of people share ideas in forms of pictures! If you’re interested and like the idea, you can pin it to your board, this tends to help event planners, venue coordinators, photographers and videographers get an idea of how you’d like your wedding to look like. I think it’s the best way to find creative ideas and establish a palette of what you love and want for a wedding.

So start with that and most importantly start establishing a budget as well. I could not stress enough on budget because that already sets the guideline of how much you can spend and helps you stay organize. It also allows you to have an idea how to negotiate what part of the wedding is most important to you and what you can spend less on that can be done on your own. I’ll also give you tips of planning your honeymoon, legal paperwork for military for my future milsos out there and things that not many websites tell you about weddings that can be helpful to you! At the end of the day, the most important thing I can take away from planning my wedding is that you just have to remain calm, know that nothing is ever perfect and what truly matters is seeing the person that you love at the end of the aisle.


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  1. Thank you for mentioning the obstacle you’re enduring during blogging. Not everyone mentions the downsides to blogging or in general any success. So for you to mention you were having a hard time writing creatively for your film series is a wonderful step of growth. I may not comment on all your post but I’m def keeping up with you girl!

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