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When it comes to weddings, it is definitely important to have a budget. Weddings are super expensive and the wedding industry is growing constantly! You have to decide what is most important to you that you want to spend on. There’s a few things that I think are personally essential to a wedding; venue, photographer, food, videographer and florist. These are the main things I focused on and everything else fell into place. When looking back at my wedding, it was amazing, but also a part of me wished that I had a small intimate ceremony. It made me believe that all the fancy stuff didn’t matter and that looking back on our budget, we could’ve used the money to travel the world.

If I had to decide which two things were the most expensive, it definitely was the venue and food. If you are lucky enough, some venues allow outside catering where you can control the budget. Most venues I know of require you to use the food in house; they’re not bad tasting, it’s just really pricey. I think it’s super important to talk to your venue coordinator about what your budget is, that way they can set up a contract that fits you. Not everyone gets the same pricing, obviously some packages offer more than the smaller ones; as long as you are firm on what you want and what matters to you, the coordinator will always try their best to cater to you. I’ve had friends that were fortunate to have a big backyard as their venue and do food trucks as their caterer. Just know that there are many options out there, it just depends on what you and your groom want. I will touch more on these specifics on another post, I promise!

Brides, sit down with your groom and talk about what your budget is. I find grooms take a huge part in this because at the end of the day it is either your savings that you’re putting out or your parents’. If you are fortunate to have your parents/in laws pay for the wedding, know that these usually come with a catch. Often times, this can lead to a lot of opinions in the wedding planning process since they are the ones funneling the money. Brides, I want you to always stand your ground when it comes to what you and your groom want. Don’t let anyone persuade you otherwise. This is YOUR wedding so you run the show! For my indecisive brides, do consider a wedding planner, they usually know the ins and outs of venues and always have your best interest. They will always advise you on what you can do and what you can eliminate to save money. My wedding planner helped me a lot when it came down to anything cost effective.

For my simple brides out there, really think about having a small intimate ceremony and reception. I think they’re meaningful ones and it cuts all the trouble of having to invite all the people you don’t want there. It is the best budget too in terms of wanting a wedding without all the crazy glamour. Plus you can use the money you have on the side to plan a honeymoon, travel or save for a house! You can budget to where you can do a destination wedding and get married at the place of your dreams while having the ones that matter there. It might not be a big extravagant wedding, but know you don’t need it to have a marriage ceremony. It works best for budget friendly brides so that you can just focus on getting married while having a few wedding aspects.

Then there are elopements; they are the cheapest option simply cause it’s just about you and that person sharing personal vows between each other. Just because it is the cheapest, it doesn’t mean it’s not special. If anything I think it’s the best out of all three! It cuts the middle man (the wedding chaos) and just combine what matters most; the legal binding of marriage. At the end of it all, it’s you and that person against the world. So if you only want to just get married to that person and have no desire for a wedding, this will be the best option for you!

So whatever your budget is, know that it is all possible and it will be worth it! Don’t stress yourself too much and don’t be the bridezilla that everyone ends up hating. Know that you have people in your life to help you and will always do their best to give you everything you want. Always be realistic, considerate, and grateful to those that participate in your big wedding day, without them you would not be able to execute it on your own. Be honest with yourself when it comes to cutting down what costs are important to you and always ask for your grooms input. As much as we want to believe it’s all about the bride, the groom is important too! I find that some grooms enjoy being a part of the wedding planning process, it just makes the reveal and execution that much better! So happy planning my brides, it will be a fun journey!

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