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It is a profound honor as a photographer to witness and capture two people in love. By far, I believe that the photographer is one of the most important people you can invest on your special day. They capture the things you missed to the most powerful moments like walking down the aisle. I have some special tips I want to share that I wish someone had told me when I was getting married. I highly recommend doing research on photographers that you’d like, I was fortunate to know mine through a friend. I recommend checking Pinterest and Instagram, they often feature amazing wedding photographers there!

I recommend writing out a list of who you want your photographer to capture. Obviously the bride and groom, but also your bridal party, the parents, grandparents and anyone else you feel is important to you. Invest in making sure that you hire them for all day so that there’s enough time for you to get all the pictures in. I highly recommend it so that you don’t forget it and your wedding planner makes sure it happens. For my brides that are contemplating on doing a first look versus saving it for the aisle walk, I recommend doing a first look! Not only does it help you with the wedding jitters, but you get to maximize your time with your photographer to get all the special photos that you can’t get after the wedding ceremony. It’s the best time to capture your grooms reaction during the first look, so that when it’s the ceremony, the photographer can capture photos of you walking down the aisle.

I had to make a snap decision when I found out that my photographer wasn’t able to capture both reactions simply cause the aisle was a bit farther from where the groom was standing on the day of. It definitely wasn’t her fault, I didn’t plan accordingly because I did not think to have a 2nd photographer. If you guys have that option, I definitely recommend it! I realized I gave up shots of me walking down the stairs aisle to get my husband’s reaction even though I had plenty of photos of his reactions from our first look. Have your photographer take photos of the grooms reaction in the first look and have the photographer focus more on you when you walk down the aisle. No matter what, your groom is going to feel a lot of emotions. I thought that by having the first look it would take away the special moment when I walked down the aisle, boy was I wrong! He was definitely more emotional the 2nd time around and I am so thankful for that.

Although I wish I had said for her to take photos of me going down the stairway, I thankfully had some great guests that shared photos and videos capturing that moment! I didn’t get a lot of time with my photographer simply cause I didn’t have the budget for it, but I really wish I put more effort into her more than anything else! Nonetheless, the photos still turned out amazing and even if I didn’t have the other photos I wanted, it never will take away the feeling I felt when I saw him that day. My photographer did an amazing job for just working under 7 hours and for that I am extremely grateful! I also recommend to communicate with your photographer and trust in their art, they know what they’re doing so don’t hesitate to ask them questions if you have any.

Ladies, your wedding will go by so fast that it goes in a blur and you are bound to forget to do something, but know that with the right people you hire they will do their best to capture everything you want. Make sure you get your photos with your parents, in laws, your bridesmaids individually and anyone else that is important to you. I know I had moments where I didn’t get a chance to make sure my husband’s family had individual photos! Thankfully we hired our photographer to take photos at our courthouse ceremony and got to do more special photos then as well! We are very fortunate to have her! Most importantly, thank your photographers! I love giving a special gift as a thank you and to let them know that you appreciate all the time and effort into the work they do. I will also leave a link below if you would love to check out Sydney’s work, she is an amazing photographer and I highly recommend her for anyone who is looking for a wedding photographer.

Please check out Sydney, I cannot rave her enough and she will forever be our photographer to capture all the best moments in our life!
Check out her website by clicking the link here!


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