Great stories happen to those who can tell them. In the world of videography, I think it is great at capturing the best moments that you can replay over and over. Sometimes, videos allow us to see things we had missed or didn’t even notice because of the bigger moments. Ladies, really consider hiring a wedding videographer! I am so thankful I had one because I can always look back on our wedding day whenever I want to . Not only that, but the raw footage I got allowed me to see all the funny things that happened behind the scenes and moments like my when parents hugged my husband so emotionally. So don’t hesitate, definitely make the investment. Here are some tips when it comes to investing in wedding videography!

Know that it will be incredibly expensive and only rightfully so! The ones I admired the most on instagram were not affordable in my budget but there are many good videographers out there. So far, I’ve seen that they charge about 5k or more, but do give a chance to those newer videographers that are starting out. They usually are more affordable and have a desire to add more to their portfolio! Sometimes they may even inspire you and might fit with what you want! Always ask your wedding photographer for recommendations cause often times they work hand in hand with them. They often have to work together and so they will know what is the best lighting, what emotions to capture, and understand the kind of video style editing that you want. Look up other wedding videos on Youtube, see what kind of style entices you and find videographers that share that same vision as well! Editing styles are so important because they help execute the vision of what you want your wedding video to look like; whether it is capturing it like a movie or more like a home video. Each creator has a different style so it is good to explore different ones!

Jot down ideas of what you want your videographer to capture; obviously the ceremony is the most important but also let them know intimate moments like parents gift giving or first looks and better yet capture memories of just families embracing one another. Often times videographers will do packages like offering a 2nd person on hand, being able to control how many hours they will work and trying to offer you what packages work best for you and your groom. Be sure to look up different people and talk to different videographers to get a budget that meets with you. Try to plan for the venue, photography and videography early because these essentials help give you a better idea of locking down the more bigger costs out of the way. If you can plan out these things first, planning for the rest is a bit easier. Always remember that what you’re investing in is what your results will be!

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