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Love is the flower you’ve got to let grow. When I was planning for a florist, I have to say it was probably one of my favorite things to do. I absolutely love flowers and I really believe they tie together a lot of the wedding and the venue itself. I learned a lot about flowers and I had an amazing florist who worked outside of the box to give us the wedding of our dreams. I had a crazy theme so she hopped on board with it and really took in a lot of my ideas that I appreciated. She was always timely when it came to communicating and was always so flexible with me when I wanted to change anything.I also thank Pinterest because it illustrated a lot of the vision that I saw in my head of what I wanted for our wedding.

When picking the right florist, it helps to have an idea of what kind of flowers you want because a lot of the time they’ll ask what your favorite flowers are, what the theme of your wedding will be or kind of style that you like. The most common themes that I’ve seen is rustic and vintage, beach, fall, garden, and winter wonderland. There are so many to choose from; whether you like the brightest of flowers or the darkest of them, you’re bound to find the kind of flowers you love. Florists can be expensive depending on the role you want your flowers to play. You can make flowers be the whole wedding so the more flowers you want, the more extravagant and expensive it will be. This can start easily at $3k and go up from there.

For my money savvy gals, you are more than welcome to do it yourself! Because flowers only get used the day of the wedding, you can definitely buy beautiful flowers from grocery stores or florist shops. You can also make the bouquets yourself the day before if you insist on trying to save money. Just know that the wedding will look a lot simpler! My bridesmaids did a flower wall for my bridal shower and it was done all by themselves, so it is definitely possible. You can use fake flowers from dollar tree or Michaels to put some pieces together. Utilize Pinterest because they can show you how to make bouqets and any other flower pieces you may want to use for your wedding.

For my girls that love using petals for the wedding aisle, make sure your wedding venue allows it. I know some places don’t because of having to clean it afterwards, so keep that in mind. We didn’t do petals for ours, but we did have decoration down the aisle way with candles and leaves and vines. Some florists will also have other pieces like candles or stands that they can use to help decorate your wedding but not all will have it. Sometimes you may have to buy or rent the decorations yourself because the florist might not carry it. I would also ask your venue to see if there are pieces like a couples table that you can use to enhance your wedding. My florists ended up decorating the wooden barrels and tables that they had outside the patio area for our cocktail hour, so make sure you communicate with both parties so that they can plan. A good florist will always ask for your opinions and ask what pieces they can utilize to add more flowers.

The last advice I give is make sure the venue has only one event that day; having events prior to your wedding time will make it harder for the florists and wedding planner to decorate. Sometimes certain venues have other events that can overlap with your wedding time, leaving florists having to rush the vision and improvise. You don’t want that! You want to give them enough time to execute and make sure the venue is considerate of this. Also, be clear on where you want your flowers placed because if you put it all on your florist, they may sometimes miss a few spots. Know your venue and have your florist walk it with you days before so you can show them what you imagine! Always be mindful of their time as well because your wedding is not the only one they’re planning, so try to schedule days with them so that there’s a mutual respect there.

Have fun decorating, you will learn a lot! Plus it’ll help you in the future if you plan on having events like birthday parties, gatherings, or baby showers etc! Just focus on what you want and as long as you are clear with your florist on your vision, the better they will be able to execute your plans. You also have to have faith in your florist that they know what they are doing. Know that it won’t always be perfect like you imagine it so you have to go in with an open mind and trust in their artistry. Good luck!

For any California based brides, I recommend my florist, Naomi! Check out the link here! and her instagram, beautifulsavageflowers! Here are some shots of her work from our wedding! Our theme was Jurassic Park and Harry Potter 😉

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