Wedding Decor!

Dreaming after all is a form of planning. As the days go by, we are focused on bigger costs like venue, photography and videography but we forget some important things like wedding decor! Yes, the florist does the most in terms of trying to pretty up the place, but there are many other things that come into play that can really enhance the wedding experience! When I was planning for my wedding, I thought everything would be at the palm of my hands or that the venues took care of all the decorations and just slap us with the bill. That is not true! Usually if you have a wedding planner by your side through the whole thing, they will try to make everything happen with the budget you give them. For me, I did most of the planning by myself and I had my wedding planner execute it the day of. I set everything I wanted and showed her what items I had and she did the rest!

If you are new to weddings, know that certain pieces like charger plates, napkin rings, centerpieces etc make up the reception tables. For simpler brides, you can stick to just the plate and napkin, but what really ties together the table is adding charger plates. If your plates are white, you should use charger plates to enhance the look a bit more. You can either rent these, buy them, or hope your venue has them already on hand. Napkin rings are just an extra flare, but can make the table look a bit neater. For name plates or placement tags, you can either place them onto each plate or have a separate table. You can definitely do these things yourself if you’re very crafty and it will save you a ton of money. There are also brides that do seating charts and just have their own guests pick their seats once they get to their table.

Keep in mind your budget, as these things do add up! If you want special flooring or colored lights, these will have to be rented. We didn’t do it for our wedding because we felt it wasn’t necessary and a waste of money. The DJ can also provide lighting too if needed be! Know that when it comes to speakers and microphones the DJ can provide them for you, that way you don’t need to spend money on renting it separately. Because my theme was pretty elaborate, I spent money on pieces from Harry Potter and Jurassic Park to really make our theme come to life. We rented out the Jurassic Park jeep and had customized signs like the butter beer shop for our cocktail hour.

Depending on what’s important to you, I’ve seen brides buy acrylic seating charts that are a beautiful piece to add to the cocktail area! Do your research and don’t be afraid to ask your wedding planner on what items you need to buy/rent to enhance your wedding. Sometimes your wedding planner has a few items on hand that they can let you borrow as well. My wedding planner brought her own table numbers which helped us greatly for our wedding! I also made my own party favors which helped because now days they can cost a lot. I used websites like Etsy to buy any products that would fit my theme. For wedding invitations, print them yourself after purchasing a design from Etsy, it works just as great and is way cheaper than going to an invitation store that could cost hundreds of dollars. We printed the design out at our local FedEx and the total cost for our invitations was just $200 for 150 invitations. That also included buying ribbons and envelopes to tie the invitations all together.

There are definitely ways to cut corners and change what can be cost effective to you. It helped to stay organize and plan out what costs went where. I was able to do a lot of stuff on my own so that I could save my money towards the bigger purchases. If you are able to do your wedding in your backyard, all you gotta do is buy some string lights, add candles, and make your own decor! For centerpieces, you can make them yourself too, just go to Michaels and put some arrangements together with candles or lanterns and stick some flowers on top of the lanterns for an added effect. Remember that these decorations only last for a night, so you definitely don’t need to spend too much money on it. There’s so many ideas out there, just explore!

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