Shopping for the Dress!

On her wedding day, a woman should be certain that she has found a dress that makes her feel confident and above all else, beautiful. Ladies, wedding shopping is one of the best parts of planning a wedding! You get to try on lots of dresses that you’ve imagined and it is truly a process to find the right one. You have to be incredibly patient and make sure you invite the right people who will be honest but considerate of your feelings. You want people that will uplift you and not put you down because they don’t like the dress. You need people who want your happiness and choice first, this helped me a lot with my decision making for my dress.

First, I recommend looking at different dresses on instagram or Pinterest, this will give you an idea of what silhouettes you like and so that you can try it on in stores. Learn the different styles, know your body shape and what looks good on you. Try on as much as you can, because often times the ones you see online may look good in pictures but may not look as great in person. Go to different shops, don’t limit to just one, you’d be surprise where you find your dream dress. I went to about 5 different shops trying on as many as I could. Trust your instincts and your feelings once you find the one you love, don’t try to find other dresses. When I was dress shopping, my stylist had said that once I fell in love with one dress, there’s no reason to try on anything else after it because you will compare it to the dress you love. I went with the butterfly feeling and what made me cry, because it was the same feeling I felt when I walked down that aisle of my wedding day.

I recommend going to a bridal salon over David’s Bridal, just because there’s more styles out there and it is not generic. Also, salons don’t rush you to find the perfect dress; they take attentive care of the whole process. When I was at David’s Bridal, I found myself being rushed especially on days where it was busy for them. Your special time requires love and patience, so you need people who could be patient with you and help you with your process. When I was at a bridal salon, the stylists never rushed me and they let me try a variety of styles to help me get to the one I love. I wore 2 dresses on my wedding day, I actually found my reception dress by accident. It was a try on for fun and I ended up falling in love with it. I would only recommend David’s bridal if you’re on a budget, but I recommend to go to salon for everything else.

For my gals that can’t seem to find the style that they like, you should really consider customizing your own dress! There’s an amazing brand called Anomalie. I recommend them because they help you pick out your dream styles that you can’t find in stores. What is more special than being able to customize your own dress. They can do different colors as well especially if you’re not a white/ivory dress kind of gal! I recommend checking out their Instagram if you want to see different styles, there are so many that you can be inspired of! It works best too for brides that are very specific and want to be in control of what they want. It is something to consider as well cause I am sure they can work with your budget! There are payment plans incase your budget is small and know that bridal shops are out there to help you.

So when you find the dream dress, know that they are always out there. Be patient and don’t give up, also be open minded to other styles too. Lots of brides go in thinking they want sweetheart neckline or the big princess dress, but would come out loving the mermaid look instead. You never know if different styles could look good on you! Trust in your heart and if you love the dress even if everyone else doesn’t, that’s all that matters! It’s your wedding day so use this time to make it about you!

Thanks for reading my latest post! I am actually gonna take a few days off this week to focus on my mental health. I needed to take a break to collect my thoughts because we all have our mental health days! Sometimes life gets hard, but it’s okay to deal with them and take the time to help yourself get better. I will be back soon and will be more inspired! I will be continuing my series on May 25th! I hope you guys will return to read more, please tune in soon.

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