Cakes, Bakes, and Treats

The most dangerous food is a wedding cake. Hello everyone, I’m back and I’m here to talk about some delicious treats in the wedding planning process. I think most people can say that the eating part of the wedding planning is a groom’s favorite! While the eating process is super fun and exciting, know that the cake tasting is just as great too! When you guys are deciding what kinds of foods you want for your wedding, please keep these things in mind; try to be versatile and give options to your guests, know that the most important opinion is you and your groom, and don’t be afraid to customize up the menus that are given to you.

When it comes to picking wedding food for your guests there are two options; catering or in house at the venue. In house can be really expensive, so when looking at venues, check to see if they have an option for catering. It doesn’t mean that the venue doesn’t make good food, it usually does, but if you’re trying to save on budget, catering would be a better option. With catering, you have more control on food choice and cost, whereas in house you have to choose between the packages they have. For in house, we did a package that gave us many food options for our guest to choose from. This way, they weren’t limited to one thing and could adjust to their eating diets. We picked 3 proteins; salmon, steak, and chicken. For our vegans and vegetarians we chose mushroom ravioli, scallop potatoes, and salads. We gave many options and had a taco station at the end of the night which our guests appreciated.

If you get the option to do catering, please consider food trucks! We’ve had friends who had done In N Out trucks and Taco trucks. Not only did they feed enough people but it was very cost effective for them. This can be difficult with different eating diets, but always make sure you talk to your caterers so that they can give you options. At the end of the day, enjoy the food tastings, they are amazing and filled with love! For any special desserts like a treats station, you may need to ask the venue for approval and provide them yourself if they don’t have it in house.

For wedding cakes, see if your venue have any affiliates that work hand in hand with them. They often have discounted prices or can be included in the venue package. They can always offer you suggestions and you can always check out the bakery’s website or Instagram to see their cake work. For those that aren’t fans of cakes and want to save more, I recommend using cupcakes or whoopee pies. I’ve seen couples do ice cream trucks, donut stations and other fun desserts as a better option.

Wedding cakes can be expensive, but I think with the right bakery, they can always adjust to the cost. When I did my cake tasting, I went to a local bakery that was close by to the venue. They will usually schedule an appointment, show you their signature cakes, and then work with you to customize the wedding cake of your dreams. Really take inputs with your groom, this is a time for them to be able to enjoy the wedding process and eat as well. Don’t worry about making it look like all big and pretty to impress other people, just pick one that really shows who the both of you are. Have fun and happy eating!

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