Planning a Bridal Shower

Let us shower the bride with love. Planning a bridal shower can be difficult, but if you have the right bridesmaids, anything is possible! Brides, as much as we are busy controlling the aspects of our own wedding, it will be hard trying not micromanage your bridesmaids as well. I know a lot of the time, it is the bridesmaids duty to know you best and to let them do all the planning. I think it’s important that your bridesmaids know what you are expecting from a shower and that you should also be considerate when it comes to budgeting and vision.

For me, I set up a Pinterest board to give an idea to my bridesmaids of what I was hoping the bridal shower would look like. I wanted to tell them what kind of venue I would like while trying to be considerate of the budget that they had. Often, brides forget that bridesmaids may not have the budget like others do, so you have to make sure that you and your bridesmaids are on the same page. If you don’t, this could lead to a lot of tension and feelings could be hurt. I think it helped that I told my maid of honor what I wanted and truly sat down to plan the base of the whole shower. I still gave them freedom to decorate as they please, but I did show them what styles I liked and where I imagined everything to be.

It’s important to have an honest communication, at the end of the day your bridesmaids should do what’s best for you and do everything in honor of you. The shower should reflect the bride and it can be with fun themes! Try to steer away from the theme of the wedding because you don’t want people experiencing similar things twice. I recommend doing a brunch or an afternoon get together depending on the type of bride. For us, we rented out an Airbnb instead of looking for a venue. We felt we maximized more on our budget than to rent a space since it can be really expensive. There are websites out there that can show you different spaces, for us the Airbnb worked best.

When it came to decorations, we really maximized dollar tree and party city. They had lots of pretty decorations that were cost effective but also did not look tacky either. We used flowers from dollar tree to make the flower wall as a Photo Booth area. My bridesmaids also looked up for items on Etsy for games and ideas for decor. It’s important to have some kind of a theme, that way you can see the vision a bit better. Whether it’d be a breakfast brunch with mimosas or an afternoon bonfire with barbecue and s’mores, you can definitely spruce it up to make it bridal! My bridesmaids also used games on Etsy to pass around to my guests to do icebreakers. For alcohol purposes, we utilized Bevmo’s; it allowed us to buy alcohol in bulk for a great price.

We ended up doing an afternoon get together that went all the way till night time. It was easy planning food, we picked simple items that everyone can eat whether they are vegan or meat lovers. We didn’t do catering, but we bought platters from different places. Bridesmaids, make sure everyone is putting in the same amount of effort. You don’t want to have one person to do it by themselves and have them be the only one putting out the budget. If you can’t afford to help financially, know that you can contribute by helping with decorations or other big picture things. We referenced a lot of our ideas off of Pinterest because there were tons of DIYs!

Overall, we had an amazing time and everything looked so beautiful! I was super grateful to have bridesmaids that were crafty and had a great vision! Brides, don’t forget to show your appreciation, they do put up with a lot of your stress during the wedding and so be incredibly supportive. Have a wonderful time and use it as a time to not only bond with your guests, but your bridesmaids as well. This also gives them a glimpse of what wedding planning could be like too. Have fun!

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