The Big Day

Remember you’re not getting married to impress a room full of people; you’re getting married to the one you love. Congrats brides! You have made it to the big day and you’re probably feeling incredibly nervous. It’s okay to feel that way, but know I am here to leave a few tips and tricks to tackle the big day with ease! Your wedding will go by so fast; all the planning will be worth it and before you know it the day is over. There is a lot to do, but it helps to have as much preparation as possible. Know that this is when you can lean on your wedding planner to make sure they execute everything you want.

The week of the wedding, I recommend that you write out important things like decorations are in order, lists of who you want photographed, making sure your checklist is complete with your wedding planner, and that all payments are in. Usually, the wedding planner will reach out to you about two weeks before your wedding to make sure where you’re at and what you can do for preparation. It helped me to have a list of costs for everything we’ve spent on so that all payments are due to all vendors. I also looked over the dj playlist to make sure all our songs were placed correctly. I also looked over any invitations, menus, and custom stationary to make sure they were spelled correctly so that we can pack them and put them in a spot available for the vendor.

Ladies, if you want to help your photographer out, I recommend having a sample set of your invitations and have your rings cleaned available so that they can take pictures of it for memory. You can look up Pinterest for some ideas just incase for pose ideas. I also took the time that week to look over all venue contracts to make sure everything is correct before submitting my final payments. I went and dropped off props for our wedding at the venue office so that they could store it for us. These things you can have prepped days prior that way the venue knows where everything is.

On your wedding day, you need to remember that nothing is ever going to go perfect. Things will go wrong, but that is not your job to worry, that is why you hired a wedding planner. You have to put your faith and trust in the wedding industry to really pull the whole thing together. Make sure in the morning you get a good breakfast, get a goodnight sleep, and try not to stress! I recommend having your bridal party have their looks and dresses steamed in advance before they arrive to the venue. That way, the only thing they have to change into is their dress for pictures. Relax, let the beautiful makeup artists and hair stylists style you beautifully and just soak in every moment because you deserve it!

The wedding planners usually pack an emergency kit like sewing kits, glue, batteries, and other essentials that you may need. Let the maid of honor be in charge of the bridesmaids in making sure they have all their dresses, shoes, and look in order. For the groomsmen, the best man should be taking care of their group. I promise, the best moment is when you see your significant other, all the stress and worries disappear and the only thing that matters is them. When I saw my husband, I felt insanely better and when that happened I was able to let go and just enjoy it! Happy wedding day to my amazing brides out there, I wish for it to be everything you’ve dreamt of!

That is all for my wedding series, stay tune for my next series on travels!

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