Chicago, Illinois

My first day in Chicago, I set foot in this city; just walking down the street, it was the like roots, like the motherland. I knew that I belonged here. My mother in law wanted to share her experiences in Chicago, Illinois; a city I have yet to visit, I hope you enjoy!

She went around the month of October. The weather was gloomy but pleasant, not too cold. She recommends to look at different seasons because it can get really cold in Chicago. Her budget was about $1k-2k, but it depended on what you want to spend on. They stayed at a Marriott near the Navy pier since everything was within walking distance. When it came to getting around in the city, they use Uber. Most things you can walk to as well so it saved a lot of money!

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She did a couple of tourist things around the Navy Pier. The river walk was beautiful with all buildings and restaurants for you to choose from. She recommends doing the architecture tour because it’s very interesting to learn the history of this city. She mainly wanted to go to the Field Museum (a natural history museum) because they were doing the Jurassic World exhibit. She also checked out the Shed aquarium too which was similar to a mini Seaworld. When it came to picking places on where to eat, it was incredibly tricky only because there was so much to choose from! Epic Burger is a great place to stop by for delicious simple burgers. When she was at the Navy Pier, she stopped by a pizza place called Giodanos, because you must have Chicago’s deep dish pizza! She said to share one pie because it’s enough to fill you up very fast for 2 people. If you are into Jazz music, Eddie V’s Prime Seafood downtown have great steaks and seafood! For those that have a sweet tooth, stop by the famous Dylan’s Candy Store, it will blow your mind! For salty cravings, check out Garrett’s popcorn shop, they are known for their Chicago mix (caramel and cheddar cheese).

Her overall takeaway from this trip is simply that she fell in love with the city. Chicago is so beautiful for their skylines and architecture. Everyone was very helpful and kind. It’s a city filled with history from mobsters to modern day movies and tv shows. This is the city that has filmed ER, Dark Knight, Chicago, and of course, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Chicago is a city you must see in your lifetime and she recommends to take everything in by staying there for a week. You won’t regret it!

There are some honorable mentions that my mother in law didn’t visit that I wanted to share incase my readers wanted to check out more touristy places! You must go to Millennium Park, to see the bean! If you want to enjoy the skyline, go to Chicago’s Observation Deck. You can do a photo op there and see the beautiful skyline. Stop by the Chicago Theatre to watch a film, it’s around $15 per person. Explore the city, learn the history and take in all its beauty 🙂

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