Las Vegas, Nevada

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. Hi friends! Have you ever been to Vegas? I’ve been to this city so many times that for some reason every time I come back here, I always experience something new. There’s so much to do, to see and to feel! I’ve come here to party like it never ends, to relax, explore and have a good time. It is the city that never sleeps!

The most common attraction you must visit when you enter this city is the Las Vegas strip itself. This whole street has many different hotels, attractions, casinos, and incredible nightlife. It’s one of those few places where you can party till the sun comes up. It is a city that never stops operating and is suitable for all ages. You must take a walk down the strip because it’s much better than taking a taxi around. The best type of transportation is definitely Uber, because Taxis can cost a bit more. Usually most things are in walking distance so if you want to save on money, you can do that. All hotels are unique; Bellagio is known for their water fountain shows, Caesar’s Palace is known for the restaurants and night clubs, Circus Circus has an indoor amusement park called Adventure Dome for children, Mandalay Bay has an aquarium, and Fremont Street has zip-lining. The list is so long that I can’t even mention it all on here, but just know you will always find something to do here.

There are also other attractions outside of the Vegas strip; they have the Gold Pawn Store from Pawn Stars TV show, the natural history museum, Zak Bagan’s haunted museum, Red Rock Canyon, Hoover Dam, Lake Tahoe, Lake Mead, Burning Man event, Seven Magic Mountains and the Neon museum. Red Rock Canyon is great spot for nature lovers, it gets incredibly hot but it’s worth the hike to see beautiful rock formations. Check out the lakes because it’s so crystal clear and great for water recreation. Seven Magic mountains is an art that was built in the dessert that comes in all beautiful colors, it’s kind of like a mini Stonehenge. The neon museum is basically neon signs on the Vegas strip that are not used anymore, but are put in a graveyard. They are a way to preserve the legacy of what they use to be. If you love haunted objects, Zak’s museum is a place of collected artifacts that are very controversial. If you are scared of clowns, I do not recommend this museum because they do have a scare zone at the end.

When it comes to budgeting, it is expensive in Vegas; not only are you gambling but you have to think about hotel cost, flight, food and attractions. Everywhere you go primarily has a cost, so I recommend that if you come here for a week, consider saving a quite amount of money, I recommend from 2k-3k sometimes even more! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve spent less than this because I’ve come here so often, but for newcomers that love to shop and enjoy entertainment there’s a lot to do. Always stay safe, there are lots of weirdos on the streets sometimes but for the most part have fun. If you love food, this is the place to be, they are known for their buffets, pool parties, and amazing restaurants owned by famous chefs that you see on Food Network. I recommend to check out Hell’s Kitchen and try their scallop potatoes & beef wellington! Giada’s is also a great place if you love Italian food. We also enjoyed Shake Shack as well for burgers when we didn’t want to spend a lot of money on food. I also recommend checking out Chinatown Plaza if you love Asian food, not only is it great but it is authentic! These are just some of my favorites.

I implore you to explore Vegas inside the strip and also beyond it! There is so much history and things to do that you’re bound to always come back. It’s also a place I like to think of as the adult version of Disneyland! Always remember, whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

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