The mountains are calling and I must go. My sister in law & her boyfriend wanted to share their experience of going to Wyoming. This is a city where the population is roughly 579,000 people, which is smaller than other places. It is a beautiful place if you want to enjoy nature and be in solitude. Rent a jeep, ride through the city and see the amazing places life has to offer.

They went around the month of June where the weather was comfortable around the 70s and colder nights. The higher elevation you go, the colder it gets and you may even experience snow. They stayed primarily in Cody, Wyoming but got to see other cities as well while visiting different landmarks.Their budget was roughly a $1,000 including flight and hotel so there was plenty of room to afford everything else with foods and attractions. If you want to visit a national park, they highly recommend Yellowstone. You can drive around it for the most part , but you can also just park your car and do a hike. When you go to Yellowstone, you will see all sorts of wildlife like bison, deers, moose, bears, coyotes and much more. You could see thermal basins that have mud pits, hot springs and geysers up close. They also have campsites as well where you can enjoy solitude. They have a famous geyser called Old Faithful that erupts every single day. They also have ranger programs that can give you a tour of the national park. In the winter time, it is a place where you can do lots of snow recreation as well. If you reach to Yellowstone, Montana, there is also a Bear and Wolf sanctuary.

There is a historical area with houses from the early 1900s with original housing and artifacts called Trail Town. They have the mountain man memorials there and you can take a historical tour if you wanted to learn more. There is a Buffalo Bill museum dedicated to William Cody, the most famous old western figure. For a great steakhouse in Cody, stop by Proud Cut Saloon! They are known for their cowboy style meals and excellent steaks! They mainly focused on eating at home or going to nearby food chains, so they saved a lot of money.

If you get a chance to visit Wapiti, Wyoming, stop by the Smith Mansion. Mr. Smith had used objects around his land to build his own house and it definitely does not look like any houses we have seen. It is known for its unique architecture and in 1992, Smith was killed by fallen lumber and fell. His body was found two days later and so today the mansion is empty. There has been rumors that it is haunted and they have tours set up in order for Smith’s daughter to preserve her father’s legacy. You can also visit a deserted mining town in Red Lodge. You cannot enter, but you can see it from afar. They said it was spooky looking but also cool at the same time. If you want to see dinosaur fossils, please visit the Natural history museum. They have rock formations, fossils, wildlife refuge, sand dunes, south pass, and expedition island.

Overall, Wyoming is a large state that has small towns. It’s a city to enjoy driving for longer distances and to explore what nature has to offer. There’s beauty in solitude out in the wild west and it gives you a break from the busy city life that other states experience. It lets you bond with your family and tune out the rest of the world and just be one with Earth.

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