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All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. Hi everyone, welcome back to travel guides! I wanted to share wonderful places of the Orange County region in California. I grew up here most of my life, so I’m incredibly familiar with all the amazing things this place has to offer. I know people always wonder what California is like, it’s honestly a place where you can go to experience air, land and sea. If you want to go to the beach, you can. If you want to go the mountains you can. If you want to take a helicopter and go from one city to another, you totally can. There’s a lot to do here and it’s a gigantic state so many love to travel starting at the bottom of California and work their way to the top! I want to talk about Orange County specifically, just cause there’s going to be so much to cover on. Hope you all enjoy!

Honestly, California can be expensive; when it comes to the tourism here, so many people visit us and there’s so much that you have to account for. Like any place of travel, I’ve noticed that California tends to be more on the expensive side. You can definitely save money in different ways, but I really think that you have to consider what is important to you. What I love most about Orange County is I can pretty much find anything that I want to see that I can see in other places of the world. It’s a bold statement, but I usually don’t have to travel far to appreciate what the world has to offer.

The most common attraction here is simply Disneyland. It’s the one place to escape from reality and you instantly feel like a kid again. I’ve heard adults say this and I love seeing their reaction when they enjoy going to the park. It’s expensive for tickets, so always look to see if schools have a discount price or look on other websites that sell it cheaper. My favorite place to eat inside Disneyland would have to be Plaza Inn for their fried chicken, I also love the gumbo at Blue Bayou as well. An honorable mention is Cafe Orleans for their monte Cristo, pommes frites, and beignets. If you are to eat outside the park, please check out Earl’s Sandwiches, I love their Chipotle Bacon Avocado Sandwich and grilled cheese with tomato soup!

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Some other attractions I can list at the top of my head would be to see a concert at the Honda Center, go to a baseball game at the Angel’s stadium, our train station right next door to Honda Center, take a hike at the beach or hike one of our parks, and enjoy the many different regions of culture. There’s so much food choices and most locals can tell you where to go if you’re craving a specific thing. If you love tacos, please stop by Tacqueria Mexico on Springdale & Westminster Blvd. If you’re looking for a fusion of pizza with Mexican food, I recommend Mr. Taco Nice, they have the coolest options to put on pizza and it’s so freakin’ delicious! For some of the best chicken and waffles, we love Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles, they are amazing. I’d ask for the Obama special, it’s my favorite. These are some of the few places you can eat all around the city of Anaheim. If you’re not sure but want to go to one place that has a bunch of options, I would suggest to go to Anaheim Packing House!

Another city I like to brush up on is Garden Grove! It’s just about 10 minutes away from Anaheim and it’s our own Asian town. Here, we have many authentic Asian foods because there’s multiple Asian cultures here. Whether it is a bowl of Pho at Pho 79, poke bowl at Poke Haus, Korean bbq at Cham Sut Gol or Grams, Japanese ramen at Shin Sen Gumi, and Chinese food takeout and Dimsum at Seafood Paradise, and Thai food from Jumpa Thai. We also have Filipino food too but I highly recommend driving to Cerritos if you want more authentic restaurants. What I’m trying to say is, there’s a lot of cities right next to each other, don’t be afraid to check out the whole region. Thankfully in Orange County everything is close by, so don’t be afraid to drive for more than 30 minutes, it’s worth it. While you are in Garden Grove, we do have the Asian Garden Mall, bowling alleys, movie theaters, and shopping. Also, we have a couple In N Out‘s here and that’s a MUST in California!

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If you’re looking to go to the beach, just drive down pacific coast highway any direction! If you go south, you will drive towards San Diego and if you go the other direction you head towards Malibu and eventually Big Sur. We call it highway 1 scenic route for all travel lovers. It’s a beautiful way to see California’s beaches and you can stop by at any of them to enjoy. If you go to Huntington Beach, there’s a lot of shops and food! Enjoy the sun, park in one of the neighborhoods and walk to the pier. When you get to the end, go to Ruby’s and order yourself some good burgers and a shake! On Sundays, there’s a place called BLK Earth Sea Spirits, it is WONDERFUL for Brunch & Happy Hour. Unlimited Mimosas that will get you in for a loop. If you want really good waffle sandwiches then check out Bruxies! For my healthy people out there, we have our açaí bowls at Banzai Bowls. For authentic Hawaiian food, there’s a cute little place called Da Hawaiian Kitchen. If you drive down further down from Huntington Beach, you will reach Newport Beach! They have beautiful harbors where you can do lots of water recreation like Duffy boats, kayak, boating, and much more! It’s best to come here around the early summer time cause we do have our famous US Open where there’s good surfing competitions.

Surf through California and let me know what you think! I know it’s a big state, but I think that’s what makes it all the worthwhile to explore. I always try to find a place new that I’ve never been to when I want to travel. It’s hard to leave this state because it’s always good weather all around. Don’t be afraid to try different foods and dive into the culture! There’s so much diversity here and for the most part, people want you to come and have a good time!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this, please let me know if you want me to narrow in on certain cities in California, there are so many recommendations that I try my best to fit them all in somehow! Share in the comments below where you have been, I’d love to hear all about it!

*I will be taking a 2 weeks off because my husband got new orders on where he is going next, so I have to work on some paperwork since we are completely moving! I will touch back whenever I want to post something, but I hope you guys can understand! Thank you 🙂

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  1. I love Roscoe’s! I went there once with my roommate and her sister, oh my goodness. I can’t believe I was missing out on it. I love their cornbread as well. Definitely a must-eat spot. I am also from Orange County, CA, and have a few spots on my blog to visit if you’re in the area.

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