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As you embark on a new journey keep an open mind. You never know what could be until you try, waste no opportunity.

Hi everyone! I hope you enjoyed some of my travel series. Sorry I’ve been so MIA lately. There’s been a huge shift in my life and we have received new orders for my husband’s next PCS. It’s going to be different for us this time because … I’M GOING WITH HIM! It’s been exciting and scary at the same time! I haven’t been inspired to write lately just because there’s been a lot of stress in the air and it’s time to adult. This is my first time where I’ve gotten to sit down and really collect my own thoughts to how this is all going. As we are trying to navigate this part of our new chapter, I assure you that I should be able to write more about my journey from the military spouse aspect. There’s a lot to learn because there aren’t really people I can lean on when it comes to learning what it’s like to do a full permanent station move!

Please bare with me in this time, my posts will not be as consistent as it usually is. There’s a lot to do, with so little time and also I want to spend these next two months with my family and friends because we will be gone for 2 years on our own! It will be a brand new place so we have to adjust to the new lifestyle we are about to embark. It has never registered to me that we would move to different state, especially for the military. I’ve always stuck it out here in my hometown waiting for the day his station is closer to home. I’ve come to learn that the military does not cater to you, but you must adapt for them. You have to constantly adapt to whatever they throw at you, but it is important to appreciate the benefits that come along with it.

We are incredibly grateful for this opportunity because not many get to move out into a home right off the bat, let alone be able to have the luxury of having such thing as a housing allowance. I definitely want to take in this opportunity to teach other military wives out there, the resources they can access through my blog. Be patient, because things will get frustrating. A lot of research comes into play and it’s important you always communicate with your service member. They take care of all the military paperwork but it’s up to you to try to juggle everything else. Sometimes, you have to move from the job you’re at and immerse yourself into a new place. I want to use this time to explore my creative side of life because I never really had any dreams on a career path. I knew I always wanted to help people and I knew I wanted to be in charge of the things I want to achieve in life. I want to be my own boss, I want to own a business of some sort, and I want to empower other women out there that it is possible to thrive!

I am grateful for a supportive husband, who has always wanted me to follow my own passions despite the opinions that can come into play to push you down. I am also grateful for the friends and family members that constantly continue to believe in me even when I don’t believe in myself. Please pursue the passions, even if they scare you. I think it’s truly putting yourself into the unknown and rising above from it is what makes it truly worth the great adventure. I want to focus more about my emotions and about myself for the next couple posts and be more vulnerable, I hope you enjoy it.

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