Hi everyone! Just wanted to share some packing tips for the move! I’ve also asked my lovely military friends for their tips as well because at this point any advice is helpful! I think the best advice in terms of moving out with your significant other for the first time is don’t be afraid to start fresh. I can be a hoarder when it comes to keeping sentimental things, but you’ll come to realize that you will have to make decisions where you can’t always keep every single thing. Just think about the items that matter to you and don’t be afraid to donate your old clothes that you don’t wear anymore to those who are less fortunate than you and to Goodwill. This is my first time moving in with my husband so we don’t have much things to start off with, but we have more things that are sentimental to us than practical things. I went to my room and started separating things that were practical apart from items that we can easily replace.

I used bins to pack my items, mainly cause I LOVE storage bins and because they are longer lasting. We did not take much furniture simply cause we only had our beds to begin with. We knew we wanted to start off fresh because we didn’t know how big our home was going to be. We also had to remind ourselves that this is not our forever home that we are going to, that it’s just a stationed home so we wanted to bring things that we needed just for the two years. Many of our sentimental items or knick knacks ended up in boxes and put in our closets at our parents’ home until we move back to take them with us, thank you parents!! I donated a lot of my clothes, simply cause I know I didn’t need them anymore and I wanted to leave room to buy more.

When it comes to packing fragile items, use bubble wrap and towels to wrap them when you put them in your boxes/storage. My friend suggested this to me and it was a huge lifesaver! We were thankful that we didn’t have a lot of items so it is easier for the military companies to take our stuff and ship them over to the station! Label your bins, this will help the movers when they arrive at your place and know where to go to place them. Always pack a weekend bag when you move, because depending on how you ship your items to the base, it could either arrive early or late. So having a weekend bag should help you in the time being while you settle in that first week. We are doing a road trip since our station is on the opposite end of the country, so we are packing a bit extra in our cars while the rest of our things will be shipped with military help! In my car, we are packing our clothes and toiletries for the week, a toolbox to install furniture, food and snacks, pack of water, and car equipment incase we need it for emergencies.

If you are bringing a pet on the drive, make sure u bring a comfortable carrier for your cat and make sure they wear a harness incase you need to make pit stops at hotels. They also have portable litter boxes and portable food/water bowls too to make the trip easy for your pets. I hope this helps, I may add more as I go if I think of anything, but so far these things helped me the most when it came to packing!

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