An Ode to Friendship

Hi guys, hope you’re doing great! I spent my July 4th with my love ones because it is getting closer to moving day! Still waiting on a house update, but we haven’t heard from the housing office just yet. I am in the process of making sure all my paperwork is together and so there’s been lots to do. In this time, I wanted to share a post about friendship.

I am fortunate to have some of the best friends in the world. They all entered my life when I needed them most and just when I needed people to be honest with me, these people have kept me grounded for the years to come. My best friend Karla, has been my rock for the longest time. We were friends in high school, but our friendship became a lot stronger once we started college. She was the person that gave me my first job and is the reason why I was able to meet so many important people in my life that became everything to me. She is the reason I met my husband and gave me my other best friend Ahmed, along with meeting my in laws. Without her unwavering support, she has given me so much that I owe her the rest of my life.

She is the most gifted artist I know; she gives constantly and never asks for much in return. She has grown so much in the decade that I’ve known her and I am so grateful that life has put her in my life to pull me out of the darkness when I needed someone to believe in me. She is one of my biggest supporters, she is incredibly honest when I need her to be, and she never lets me diminish my self worth when I am completely at my lowest. I didn’t realize how much of an impact I was to her, until the day I told her I was moving across the country for the next two years. I knew that life was teaching us that we have to spread our wings to grow, but I know that it’s going to be hard not having her near me when I need her.

To see it in a positive light, I think that being away will teach me to work hard on maintaining my friendships and to really remind the people that I love that just because I’m miles away, doesn’t mean I love them any less and that our friendship has drifted. I believe the best of friends are the ones that can withstand distance, obstacles, and the biggest storms. It is when you use your light to keep shining through it all and remind each other how much you appreciate their friendship. Karla, you are my best friend and the sunflower in my life. Your heart radiates when you love everyone in your life and you are the most giving person I know. You are stronger than you think and I am so thankful to have you in my life. Thank you for what you do, for the many adventures we have, and to our future years of being best friends no matter where life takes us. I love you!

Be a sunflower so even on the darkest days, you will stand tall and find the light.

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