Birth Control Experience

Hi friends! Long time no see, I wanted to share my experiences of having birth control incase there were any women out there interested in using this option. I started birth control because I wanted to be responsible and also prevent pregnancy since I am not ready to have them. I wanted to be financially stable, in good standing with my career, and to be at a place in my life with my husband where we are ready to have children. I am very fortunate to have good health care, so I was able to ask lots of questions with my doctor and narrowed it down to the best forms of birth control.

There are many options of birth control; you can do pills, rings, patches, IUD, implants and much more. I am a very forgetful person, so I knew that the pills were not going to be an option. If you do pills, you have to make sure you are on time every single day consistently otherwise if you miss one day or forget, you can easily get pregnant. I didn’t want to use IUD because from my other friends’ experience, they said the insertion was painful. That alone convinced me not to do that option. I ended up going with an implant that was inserted into my arm so I will share about that experience!

My doctor recommended Nexplanon since most of her patients used this option. It’s 98% effective, requires the least amount of effort in terms of care and lasts for about 3-5 years. It is an implant rod that is inserted into your arm through a surgical procedure that lasts 5-7 minutes. I basically had an anesthetic shot that numbed my arm and honestly, that had a sharp burning pain that “hurt” more than the actual procedure itself. It’s only temporary for 5 seconds, but once that’s over, the procedure was easy from there. The removal process is similar too, with the numbing shot and an incision so that they can pull out the rod.

Once they have inserted the implant into my arm, I had a bruising for about a week; this is normal, but always check with your doctor if the bruising lasts longer than that. The only reason I say this is it is possible that they inserted the rod incorrectly so always double check. My menstrual cycle pretty much stopped once I had the implant, and I had Nexplanon in my arm for about 6 months. I ended up taking it out because I experienced weight gain (about 15lbs) in just 6 months. The biggest change was my weight gain, acne and menstrual cycle. It also made me feel very self conscience about my body, so the decision to take it out was a difficult. Despite the cons that I had, the experience itself was good because it worked perfectly fine so I recommend it if you can look past the side effects. So I would rate it 8/10! If I didn’t mind the weight gain, I would’ve kept it in longer, I just wanted to be at a healthier mindset.

If you don’t mind the weight gain and the other side effects, this is a good option for you, but the person that will probably know best is your doctor. Always trust your body as well, don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions and listen to what your body tells you if it doesn’t work out. It also helps to talk to other women who have had it cause that can help you decide what your options are. Also, once you take out Nexplanon, you don’t have to wait long to get pregnant! I’ve seen lots of women attest to this so I hope this helps! It’s important to be smart and practice safe sex, know that there are options out there, you just have to research and ask.

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