Struggles of Adulting

Hi lovely readers, I wanted to talk about the struggles of being a military spouse moving to another state. I’ve been preparing for my husband’s military move for a good 2 months now and there’s a lot that you have to learn on your own. I had to look through different articles just to see what is important that I should be doing now that I am a married adult. I think what frustrates me the most is that our education system doesn’t really teach us how to be an adult once we finish college and enter marriage. There’s a lot to do, there’s things that we should invest and most importantly, much of what we learn will only come from experiences. I feel we live in a world where often we’re thrown into the deep end to fend for ourselves and we could only hope that there’s a nice person out there to guide us. I’ve noticed that many of the things I have learned come from the advices of others. I am so thankful for them because I feel I would not have a sense of direction if it weren’t for their help.

When it comes to moving, you need to change a lot of things; auto insurance and car registration, cellphone bills if you were linked prior to your family, health insurance, changing banks and much more! I think what’s hard sometimes is there’s really no checklist or guidelines on how to set yourself up for success when living on your own. We can only lean on our parents so much, but most of the time it’s really focusing on making sure that we get all the resources. It’s only more difficult when we have to do it alone because your service member isn’t here to help answer all your questions. We are forced to do lots of things independently even though a lot of the time it requires having your service member physically present even though he’s on a different continent. I try not to put it on him because i know he has a lot to do on his own, but the process has not been easy.

I think a lot of it has to come with patience and constantly learning on how to prepare for every move you’re going to make. I am thankful my parents have tried their best to guide me, but I know that I will learn more things on my own because we don’t exactly have the same lifestyle. I have to be honest, I am very scared of doing things on my own however I know that when my husband comes back I’ll feel much better about us adulting because we would go through it together! What are some of the things that you guys struggle with as adults? Are there any advices that you may have when it comes to living on your own? I’d love to hear about it!

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  1. Preachhh! So hard to learn “adult” things. This is where being curious and knowing a lot of people has a lot of advantages. Most recently, I’ve learned about SCRA for military families. Sooo helpful and has put us in a better place financially.

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