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Hello readers! I am sorry for being MIA for the past couple months. A lot has happened, but none the less, it is nothing but exciting news and adventures. After 213 days of being apart from my husband, we reunited at the airport. For the longest time, we have spent most of our relationship apart, now it just felt like everything happened the way it was meant to be. I cried embracing him, filled with a sense of relief because that was the last time we would spend our lives apart. I’ve always embraced the long distance relationship, but it was so great to feel normal and know that every day I get to wake up next to the love of my life. All the heartache, disappointments, yearning to be by his side again suddenly disappeared and all that mattered was living in the present moment with him.

During the past couple of months, we have spent a lot of time together. Getting to know each other again, learning each others’ habits and strengthening our communication. We moved across the country, spent time embracing our family and love ones, and simply enjoying the time that is being given to us. We made huge changes, so the journey is exciting despite what is happening around in the world. We got to explore the new state that we live in and really soaked in the new home that we have received from the military. Where we went to, is very different from what we are use to on the west coast. We have always been grateful for the accessibility of having any stores we needed and having the luxury of great food everywhere we go. Where we are living now is more of the countryside, not as much access to stores, and requires thinking outside of the box. The bright side is we get to enjoy nature, cook together with new recipes, and really learn to be grateful for the simplicities in life.

During this time, I’m still trying to find myself. I lost my passion of writing because it felt like I was hustling so hard to make sure posts would go out in time, when really I should’ve just wrote for my pure enjoyment. It’s what happens when you first start out a passion; you can get burnt out so quick and lose sight of why you did it in the first place. I wrote this blog because I wanted to express myself a bit more and help others that may go through the same thing as me. I felt incredibly lost and still to this day I am not quite sure what I want to do. I am constantly inspired by seeing so many courageous people pursuing their passions. The only thing I can say is I enjoy writing and I love cooking; it seems like many people are doing that now days. Nevertheless, that should inspire me to do something as well. Something I want to focus on this year is to share some of my cooking experiences and also continue to just freely express what I want to write. This year my resolution is to just be happy with who I am and let life change me. I think we often get too caught up in wanting to be like everyone else that the reality becomes a bit distorted and it is just this fantasy that we can’t obtain. I just want to be me, stop being so hard on myself and just embrace the things I am good at. I just want to enjoy this life that is given to me and live in the moment.

I’m glad to be back. For my readers that are still continuing to read this, thank you for patiently waiting for me.

p.s. Happy anniversary to my husband. 2 wonderful years of marriage so far and plenty more to go.

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